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Gitaroo Man Lives!, 2006, Koei (Koei/iNiS), PSP

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I chose to do the PSP port of this game because it was a bit easier to find screens, but by all means use this post to discuss the PS2 original.
Love it! Both it and the original game. I think this is one of the few games that really suits the PSP's controls better than the PS2's. The nubbin just works so much better than an analog stick.

That said, I wish it had the same multiplayer as the original game. What's there is fun, and I appreciated the new songs, but four player battles just kicked so much more ass.
I've not played the PSP version, but the PS2 version is a personal favorite. I love that acoustic track especially.

I should start playing this again.
The PSP port has a co-op mode with two new songs.

A pretty unique approach to the music game genre in every sense. First, the music is very well done, goes all over the place, and is insanely catchy. Playing is pretty simple. You mostly keep an analog stick rotated in the right directions with a button held down to deplete your opponents energy and charge your own. The rest are "dodging" sequences where you press the four basic gamepad buttons in crazy orders to stay in the game.

There's often a fair amount of stuff going on in each level you play. When it isn't being extremely fun or silly, its being very cute. I'm still kind of surprised this made it to the states, quirky titles like this are a rarity indeed. I was looking forward to checking it out from a magazine review, and when it came out I snatched up one of the few copies around. Spent that night with some friends playing it from beginning to end. Good times. Still have a hard time beating Stage 6 in Master's Mode.

Supposedly the PSP port was a kind of test to determine if they should pursue more Gitaroo Man. Probably won't happen, but who knows...

I could play the 2nd level in its entirety forever....3:44 on is just.....wow.

I think I could play level six forever!