HEADCLEANER (antitype) wrote in dailyvideogame,

ChuChu Rocket!, 2000, Sega (Sonic Team), Dreamcast

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Here's hoping for a DS version.

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Oh God, I would buy that in an instant. I LOVE Chu Chu Rocket!
I would totally buy either a DS or Live version. Or both!
Me too!
Brilliant in using its rules for both excellent multiplayer action and solution-based puzzles. I don't know of any other puzzler that's made that transition quite so well. And that style certainly didn't hurt either.

The GBA version, by the way, includes a TON of user-made puzzles that are well worth the $5 you'd probably pay for it these days.

But yeah, wifi multiplayer would be really nice.
haha you beat me to it!
This is tied with Tetris Attack (or Pokemon Puzzle League or whatever version you happen to be playing) for my favorite multi-player puzzle game. Totally awesome.
Dear Sega & Microsoft

XBLA please.

Much love,
This game in incredible. The GBA cart is indeed worth it for the puzzles, but not so much for the gameplay (way easier on a big screen w/ an analog + 4 buttons)
I second the puzzle mode being great. I own both incarnations of it as well (it's also super cheap these days, and well worth it).

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